We reveal ourselves in action.

Psychodrama method

The theory of personality in morenian psychodrama is based on the concept of a Role. The founder of psychodrama, Jacob Levy Moreno thought that roles form the construction of the psyche.

The role is a form of action, which a person takes in a certain moment in a relation to a certain situation, person/ persons or object/ objects.

In psychodrama the group or individuals explore their life through action with the help of the psychodramatist and the other group members. Using special techniques group members are able to give room for experiences and feelings, which previously have not had opportunity to be experienced properly.

This work increases the vitality and integrity in a person. Psychodrama also develops our role repertoire to be more many-sided, flexible and adequate.

Working with psychodrama method in psychodrama group we need these tools:

A Stage

Director/ Psychodramatist


Auxiliary egos

The Group.

Psychodrama method can also be applied in working with individuals and it is used in the field of psychotherapy, supervision, consulting and organisation development.

Psychodrama is a method, which explores the truth of our souls through action. (J. L. Moreno)